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Music can Open a New World for Kids

our daughter taking piano lessons in oceanside at lenoremusicThe Advantage of Music Lessons

There is just something about taking music lessons that elevates the spirit above its normal vantage point. When just starting out, the individual feels like they are beginning a task that is so imposing that the will never even get past the most rudimentary steps. It’s especially important for kids to get involved at an early age. Most schools these days don’t teach music until the 5th grade, so if you can get them plugged in to a good program earlier on in life, even in preschool, you’ll be far ahead of the curve. Our kids take piano lessons in Oceanside as well as the ORFF schooling from the same teacher. They come home each time with a huge grin on their faces and as their teacher puts it, “they’re musical beings.” Music is fun and opens up a brand new world for kids.

However, music learning is a real step-by-step process with each of the steps being a major step forward. Once one moment is mastered, her comes another. Then another. And another, until by golly, the student is actually playing a simple song on their instrument or piano.

It is surprising how something so seemingly difficult at the beginning can turn into a sweet and joyful preoccupation as one gets deeper into lessons and practice. It is the repetitiveness if the exercises and the practicing that makes experts of us all when learning our music lessons.

Music lessons also teach us how to deal with discipline, for if you cannot deal with discipline, you will never learn how to play and instrument or learn to sing. That sense of discipline carries over into other areas, such as our school work, athletics and our careers later after finishing school.

The real benefit of music lessons, however, is the pure joy that we receive when we finally learn how to sing or play real music, which we are able to enjoy for the rest of our lives.