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Introduce them to Fishing – One of the Great Unplugged Activities of Old

boy with prize fish catchThe Joys of Fishing

One reason for going fishing is that many kinds of fish are very good to eat. Most of the time, even if a person does not even catch a fish, it is just plain fun trying.

Usually, a fishing pole is rigged with fishing line and a hook, with some sort of bait fastened to the end of the line on a hook to catch the fish. When the fish goes after the bait, it gets caught on the hook and you reel him in. Sounds very simple to do but it is more complex than it looks.



Cast for Kids:

First of all, there is no other way to entice the fish to take the bait, but to just let it sit there in the water, move it a bit to attract its attention, and wait. It is the waiting when all of the heavy thinking set in, and you begin to ponder all of the cares of the world.

You’ll probably want to take a few tips on boating in the ocean if you’re going to be fishing out there.

It is here that the term of fishing could be change to pondering instead. About 90 per cent of your time is actually spent pondering, about one percent actually catching the fish, and the other 9 percent is spent losing track of the time.