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Traveling The World With Just A Backpack – The Great Call to the Outdoors

I was excited when I was younger about traveling the world. I wanted to do this before I got a real job and did anything else. I wanted to be one of those people who travel the world and have fun doing it. I wanted to share these experiences with people and just with a backpack on my shoulders.

It was scary because I didn’t travel that much before and only a few times with my family.

Bringing the Excitement!

I knew that I had to do it because it would help me grow to become a better person. I had to go out and experience new cultures and see how the world was from other point of views.

I went to all continents to have a peek at what they do and I wouldn’t replace that for the world. I would never wish for someone to just stay where they are.

You get to see so much and pictures don’t do justice to any of the attractions you get to see around the world.

I was amazed at how much I learned and I was only staying a few weeks in most places before moving on.