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Music can Open a New World for Kids

our daughter taking piano lessons in oceanside at lenoremusicThe Advantage of Music Lessons

There is just something about taking music lessons that elevates the spirit above its normal vantage point. When just starting out, the individual feels like they are beginning a task that is so imposing that the will never even get past the most rudimentary steps. It’s especially important for kids to get involved at an early age. Most schools these days don’t teach music until the 5th grade, so if you can get them plugged in to a good program earlier on in life, even in preschool, you’ll be far ahead of the curve. Our kids take piano lessons in Oceanside as well as the ORFF schooling from the same teacher. They come home each time with a huge grin on their faces and as their teacher puts it, “they’re musical beings.” Music is fun and opens up a brand new world for kids.

However, music learning is a real step-by-step process with each of the steps being a major step forward. Once one moment is mastered, her comes another. Then another. And another, until by golly, the student is actually playing a simple song on their instrument or piano.

It is surprising how something so seemingly difficult at the beginning can turn into a sweet and joyful preoccupation as one gets deeper into lessons and practice. It is the repetitiveness if the exercises and the practicing that makes experts of us all when learning our music lessons.

Music lessons also teach us how to deal with discipline, for if you cannot deal with discipline, you will never learn how to play and instrument or learn to sing. That sense of discipline carries over into other areas, such as our school work, athletics and our careers later after finishing school.

The real benefit of music lessons, however, is the pure joy that we receive when we finally learn how to sing or play real music, which we are able to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Outdoor Exercise And Feeding Recommendations For Your Dog

german shepard carrying stick through waterKnow The Benefits Of Bringing Dogs Outdoors

Many pets are already spending a little bit of time outside each day, especially when they are going outside for going to the bathroom. However, there are not many owners that fully appreciate all of the added benefits that come from allowing their dog to spend a bit more time in the fresh air outside. These are just a few of the many benefits that come from bringing your dog outdoors:


Believe it or not, most dogs are not getting quite enough exercise. It is difficult for many dogs, especially larger breeds, to get the right amount of exercise while indoors. Many dogs will benefit a great deal from going out on a few daily walks and even having additional play time out in the yard while either running or chasing their favorite toy. There are plenty of fun ways to exercise your dog.

Relieve Boredom

Just like people, dogs can get bored. Boredom happens to be one of the major causes of a number of behavioral issues like excessive barking and chewing things they are not supposed to. Going outside will provide interesting, different environments and smells that will keep your dog’s mind nice an active and alert while also curbing any behaviors that you would rather they not take part in.

Healthier Skin And Coat

Changing temperatures and exposure to sunlight will help your dog’s coat to stay on a shedding cycle that is more normal. Because of this, the coat should be a lot fuller and healthier. Sunlight will also help your dog’s body to use and also convert many different vitamins that are important to their health and well being. However, be sure that you think about using sunscreen on your dog’s nose or any areas that may have less hair, as it can help to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

There are a lot of dogs that are not used to spending a great deal of time outside and will sometimes feel at a loss in terms of what to do. Some dogs will stand outside the door and beg to come inside, simply because spending time outside may be an experience that seems too unusual for them. These are a few tips that you can use when trying to get your dog to spend some quality time outside:

Spend Time With Your Dog

Think about going out for a walk with your dog, using a retractable leash, to help them get a bit more exercise. The retractable leash will give a bit of freedom for exploration, while still keeping your pet close.

Play Games

Find games that your dog loves to play, including catching a ball or Frisbee. There are a number of wonderful ways that you can engage in play and games with your dog outside so that they can get a good bit of fresh air along with exercise at the same time.

Weight Loss / Weight Control, Exercise and Advanced Pet Feeders

A dog that spends time outside will have a much easier time losing extra weight and also keeping the weight off. Some dogs will gain weight out of boredom that leads to eating too much, along with a lack of activity to keep them burning calories. The right amount of time outside will help to eliminate such known contributors to weight gain. You can research the right kind of diet for your dog as well as check out an advanced pet feeder.

Safely Contained

If you happen to have the space, you can look into having a large kennel set up outside where your dog can to to safely play and exercise. There are also wireless pet containment systems that offer a nice way for your dog to play without getting out of the boundaries of your property.

Outdoor Stimulation

A number of dogs love to go outside and chew on something like a bone, rubber chew toy or a piece of rawhide. Even though he or she will not be getting exercise benefits from chewing, they will still be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

Spending a good bit of time outside is important and normal for any dog. Just as long as your dog is safely contain, protected from the elements and supervised, there can be a great deal of benefits that they will enjoy. Overall, you will be glad that you took the steps to have your pet enjoy time outside.

How We’re Getting the Word Out: Our New Website Design

Thankful to our Website design Companygreat web design by chicago company sample


Our new website is officially launched! Thank you to all our fans and readers who have contributed over the years to the content, ideas and marketing. We’re glad to be able to moving in a similar direction with new audience development in mind.

We wanted to take the input of some of our previous readers who have tried accessing our old site while out camping or somewhere else outdoors where they only had access to mobile devices. We received a lot of requests to have not only a new website but one that was responsive. The user experience was not great, so like most companies searching for ways to invest in responsive web design, we did so in order to to guarantee that we can cater to all our visitors regardless of the gadget they utilize to access the website. Especially when outdoors.

Among the most significant benefits of a responsive website design is that there is no need to customize the design elements across platforms for various mobile devices. A responsive website changes numerous components on the internet page instantly based upon the size of the screen utilized to access the page. In easy terms, a responsive website looks comparable on desktop along with a mobile phone, with some exceptions.

Another benefit of responsive website design is that it aids with seo. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s actually how we hoped you’d find us, that is, “googling” a certain term like “forestry encyclopedia.” We want to be found as a resource to you. And getting found is an aspect of having a website built with today’s web standards. The most significant internet search engine on earth, Google, has actually likewise revealed that they prefer responsive sites when it pertains to mobile traffic, and mobile traffic has actually surpassed desktop traffic. What are you reading this post on? I imagine a phone!

Our Enhanced User Experience Helped us Capture the Moments through the Posting Feature of our New Website Design

Numerous research study studies have actually shown that most of the customers browse online prior to they choose to invest cash on a service or product. Given that the majority of the customers bring an effective computer system in their pockets through cellular phones, the majority of the search inquiries nowadays have the tendency to take place on mobile. The share of mobile traffic is anticipated to grow even further in the coming years.

In basic terms, companies can not manage to neglect mobile users if they wish to keep a strong online existence. Responsive website design enables them to accommodate mobile visitors without the have to keep different sites (example would be m.forestryencyclopedia.net, this is a “subdomain” of our main site). The main idea behind creating websites that are usable from a desktop or mobile with the user in mind is a concept known of, and one that we’ve been very intentional about is called “user experience” or UX, read more about it here: www.seamgen.com/services/user-experience

A single sites for all visitors likewise makes it simple for a search engine to index and rank numerous pages within websites regardless of the device used to search for the terms then find the website. Website design likewise permits companies to benefit from lots of useful functions such as click to call buttons that permit users making a call to the number defined on a websites with a single click.

As far as picking a web design company for producing a responsive website is worried, it is vital that you select a firm that has comprehensive experience in producing responsive sites. You ought to likewise check out the real sites developed by the design firm to get a much better feel of the benefits of a responsive design. We hired a Chicago web design company to help us complete this site so it attracts the right kind of visitors, appears correctly across any platform, and is easy for us to get in and make a new post or change images or content.

In general, there are a variety of benefits of purchasing a responsive website. It not just assists in reducing expenses as there is no have to preserve several sites however it likewise assists with seo and user experience. If you still have not moved to a responsive web design, it is high time that you employ the services of a skilled web design company to transform your existing website into a responsive website.

Traveling The World With Just A Backpack – The Great Call to the Outdoors

I was excited when I was younger about traveling the world. I wanted to do this before I got a real job and did anything else. I wanted to be one of those people who travel the world and have fun doing it. I wanted to share these experiences with people and just with a backpack on my shoulders.

It was scary because I didn’t travel that much before and only a few times with my family.

Bringing the Excitement!

I knew that I had to do it because it would help me grow to become a better person. I had to go out and experience new cultures and see how the world was from other point of views.

I went to all continents to have a peek at what they do and I wouldn’t replace that for the world. I would never wish for someone to just stay where they are.

You get to see so much and pictures don’t do justice to any of the attractions you get to see around the world.

I was amazed at how much I learned and I was only staying a few weeks in most places before moving on.

Tips For Kid-Friendly Art Activities

having kids hand make art Art is an excellent way to have fun with kids while building their imaginations and educating them. If you don’t have much experience with children or art, do not worry. This post features some helpful tips for kid-friendly art activities.

First, make sure the materials you use are 100% kid friendly. Examples include non-toxic markers and glue, tempera paint, and safety scissors. These supplies are pretty inexpensive and make arts and crafts safe.

Next, check out websites like Pinterest for kid-friendly art inspiration. These websites are chock full of good ideas that are easy to try out. In many cases, these crafts are based on items you’ve got laying around your home.

If you are an outdoorsy person, you can enjoy art for kids outside. Sidewalk chalk and paint are fun ways to enjoy temporary art. On a nice fall day, have kids collect leaves that they like. These can be used for craft and painting projects indoors.

As you can see, doing art with kids is not that difficult. You just need to use safety precautions and look for some inspiration. You will quickly find that there are lots of ways to enjoy art with children of all ages.

Getting Exercise in can be Easy and Fun

kids having fun exercising in poolSimple Tips For Exercise: No Hard Work Required

Many people cringe when they hear the word exercise. It’s pretty common to associate exercise with hard work and strenuous activity. However, you do not have to overdo it in order to enjoy exercise. There are lots of low-key ways to get fit.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise, and you can work it into your daily routine. Do you take the elevator in your work building? Try using the stairs instead. After work, take a walk with your dog or your children. You’re getting in shape simply by living your daily life! You can even go swimming, biking, hiking or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

You can also find ways to make exercise fun. Do you have a TV show you are binge watching on Netflix? Commit to doing 10 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, and 10 push ups between episodes. You can also do this during commercial breaks when watching TV. These spurts of exercise really add up!


Watch how easy it can be to do aerobics with kids:

Lastly, remember that it’s 100% okay to take things slowly. You are the only person you need to report to – don’t let outside pressure get to you. Slowly start working exercise into your daily routine using the tips above. You’ll be surprised at the changes you see and feel.

Introduce them to Fishing – One of the Great Unplugged Activities of Old

boy with prize fish catchThe Joys of Fishing

One reason for going fishing is that many kinds of fish are very good to eat. Most of the time, even if a person does not even catch a fish, it is just plain fun trying.

Usually, a fishing pole is rigged with fishing line and a hook, with some sort of bait fastened to the end of the line on a hook to catch the fish. When the fish goes after the bait, it gets caught on the hook and you reel him in. Sounds very simple to do but it is more complex than it looks.



Cast for Kids:

First of all, there is no other way to entice the fish to take the bait, but to just let it sit there in the water, move it a bit to attract its attention, and wait. It is the waiting when all of the heavy thinking set in, and you begin to ponder all of the cares of the world.

You’ll probably want to take a few tips on boating in the ocean if you’re going to be fishing out there.

It is here that the term of fishing could be change to pondering instead. About 90 per cent of your time is actually spent pondering, about one percent actually catching the fish, and the other 9 percent is spent losing track of the time.

International Outdoor Experiences: A Look at Ireland

outdoor irish luxury tours operatorMost folks don’t really consider the outdoors when they travel abroad. Although the views and countrysides are nice to look at, most people travel with ideas of food, people, a new language, shopping, relaxing. But have you considered that the great outdoors is connected to every part of the world and can provide some highly unique outdoor experiences. There is an Ireland luxury tour operator that I came across who provides exactly this kind of experience to visitors. They are the kind of nimble company that can literally help you figure out what kind of experience you want, then craft the perfect vacation for you. Instead of getting your own reservations, hotels and outings, it’s usually a good idea to have someone in the land who knows where the spots to go with your kids / significant other in order to see the best there is to see with any kind of tour you’re looking for.

The Luxurious Irish Outdoors

There are of course the castles and nice coastlines. But many parts of Ireland, and Scotland for that matter, that are pretty much untouched by people. They’re there in all their majesty as they’ve been for thousands of years. It’s one of the greatest frontiers left on the planet if you ask me. When we took our trip out to the Irish mountains and green pastures of grass and flowers, we immediately realized that this was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see another part of the world that offers some of the most breathtaking views ever imagined. One of the coolest things we did, while not exactly outdoors, was tour the local cities and mingle with the locals. Meeting others from other cultures is probably equally as important as getting outside and unplugging from technology.

The amazing beauty and smells of the clover fields, the lilies, the misty rain that was constantly around, especially in the forest areas gave us the sense of timelessness. Being transported from every day existence to a place in the world that carries with it a nostalgia of the ages is one of the greatest outdoor experiences ever. And we hope to take our kids out there sooner than later. Although we’ve been to the popular vacation spots for any North American, like Mexico and Jamaica, this was our first place to visit where we weren’t planning on sitting around in bathing suits, eating and drinking and sunbathing the entire time. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s still amazing and fun and certainly has its place. But hopefully this post has inspired you to get outside and see the world as you never have before.

Is Boating your Idea of a Great Outdoors Experience? Check out the Atlantic

Boating Out In The Atlantic Ocean

I live by the Atlantic ocean, so I occasionally go out into the water with my boat. It is nice when the weather is good and that is always something you have to figure into the equation. Sometimes the weather is not good, so I have to cover up the boat and do something else.

Yet, when I do get a day where the weather is great, I am out on the water because that is where I like to be. I think boating is soothing and something everyone should, at least, experience once.

It does not have to be this ocean because I think anywhere where a boat can go, there should be people who are just boating and enjoying life.

You will have so much fun doing this and I have always loved it.

I would never do something that is boring and boating is not boring. It is something you can just do and chill. I even take out books and read them out in the water on my own.

It is a sanctuary of its own and I would recommend it to people who have access to a boat and might want to try it out. (by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day)

How to Bicycle with Safety in Mind

thinking safety while bikingBicycling In A Safe Manner

Riding your bike isn’t just about taking the bike out and starting to peddle. Sure, this is a very generic way of looking at such things and you should not be doing this. When you ride the bike like this, you are also being unsafe.

I always spend time on preparing myself to go out and ride the bike. I take out my helmet and give it a shock test by shaking it because sometimes you might have taken a blow on it before and cracked it.

A cracked helmet is of no use and has to be replaced because you might as well not put on anything for your head.

I also put on knee pads because they keep me safe if I fall down. I always want to be prepared because the bike is great, but you can fall down at any time.

Do you want to fall down where you get hurt and don’t even have a way to handle it?

I would rather know that I was prepared and then fall down which happens a lot to people. Bicycling is so much fun and it is always nice to see people out and about, but only when I am safe. Get info on the best trails near you.